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Goose Down Duvet

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We supply 3 main types of goose down duvets of various sizes specifically catering to your warmth needs throughout the year.  These Duvets are Proudly South African.....Manufactured in the Western Cape. All duvets are produced with a 100% pure, silky smooth cotton percale, down proof fabric so you can wrap up in superior luxury.

 In warmer areas of South Africa a Summer 4 Tog duvet is usually sufficient, even in Winter.

If the thick, fluffy and breathable down can keep the goose so cozy out in the cold, it definitely is a sure winner for you. Here are some additional reasons as to why it makes for a smart choice:

  • Duvets can be used all around the year. If you live in a location that observes long and severe cold, get yourself heavier down duvet
  • Down duvets are extremely comfortable if used as bedding. People who suffer the symptoms of painful fibromyalgia can largely benefit through relaxation of pressure points
  • Down can very naturally wick away the moisture to keep you dry all night
  • It helps in keeping you cool during summers and warm in winters by distributing the body temperature evenly
  • It is quite easy to maintain these light weighted pieces of comfort. However, use of duvet covers for easy cleaning is highly recommended
  • People who are prone to allergies can get an option to buy hypoallergenic down duvets
  • Best quality down duvets can also help to increase energy efficiency of your house and cut down the energy bills
  • If after many years of use, you feel that the down fiber has broken down and if you have the best, high quality down duvet, you may have an option to salvage the down filling of your duvet

Duvet Care

Down duvets deserve proper care from you especially when they are such a favorite to each family member. Here are some handy tips:

  • Shake and delicately fluff the down duvet every day after use to keep the down filling evenly distributed between the stitched boxes
  • Duvet covers saves you a lot of cleaning and maintenance efforts
  • At home, down duvets can be washed in commercial- sized washing machine. If you’re getting it dry-cleaned, make sure that strong chemicals are not used as it can damage the down filling
  • Duvets must be completely dry as any moisture that is left can clump the down to lose its insulation
  • Moderately dry the duvet after wash, take it out when it has partially dried and shake it well to break moistened clumps
  • Never dry the down duvets in direct sunlight as it can make your duvet down brittle quickly



Our lifetime guarantee only pertains to the filling of your product. It is inevitable that one day the cotton casing of your product will need to be replaced. By carefully following the below stipulated steps, you can ensure your product is preserved for the next generation to come:


  1. Rather not allow pets on top of your products or do so by your own discretion and risk.
  2. When dealing with infants or small children, always ensure that you work on top of a protective layer that can absorb any possible spills. Always discourage eating and drinking in bed.

We cannot be held liable for spills that might lead to your filling being damaged.


  1. NEVER EVER attempt to have the products dry cleaned which can damage and cause the filling to become lumpy and ineffective for further use.
  2. It is advisable to make use of pillow protectors as it will absorb any possible moisture while you sleep which could otherwise go through the casing and into the filling. These we sell at R99 per unit or you can find it in most linen shops.
  3. When dirty, duvets and sleeping bags can be hand washed by yourself (for assistance, please contact us for descriptive step by step guidance) or, through our cleaning service we will gladly wash it for you at a minimal fee.
  4. Dirty pillows can unfortunately only be washed by us due to the density of the filling and the complexity of getting it cleansed thoroughly. At R99 per pillow, we wash, sterilize and treat the filling and supply it with a brand new casing.


  1. Rather not make a habit of laying on top of your duvet as by doing so, the filling is compressed and in the process loses its loft potential and the ability to effectively retain your body heat. The filling however isn’t damaged but needs to be shaken out thoroughly.
  2. Daily fluff your pillows and air your duvet frequently.

Do not vacuum pack or store the products away in plastic or boxes over a long period of time. When storing your products away, either make use of the convenient carrier bag supplied with the product as its design allows the products to breathe, or wrapping it loosely in cotton linen should also do.