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Goose Down & Feather Pillow King Size 50x90

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Goose Down & Feather Pillow King Size 50x90

Proudly South African.....manufactured in the Western Cape.

For all of our pillows we use a 100% pure cotton, down- and feather proof fabric to keep it natural and ensure none of the filling escapes or any shafts are protruding to prick the skin.

Guide to buying a new pillow

Before you make your choice, consider the position you sleep in.  The ultimate function of a pillow is to help keep your head in a neutral alignment with your spine, not bent too far forward or backward.


  • Sleeping on your side:  Make sure you buy a firm enough pillow that would wholly fill up the space between the side of your face and you shoulder.
  • Sleeping on your back:  You will need a softer pillow that will not push your head too far forward.
  • Sleeping on your stomach:  Find a very soft or thin pillow which you can also use as support under your stomach to prevent possible back pain.
  • Still not sure:  The Standard 4 and -5 pillows have been the most popular choice by the general public over the years.